The world of financial services is being revolutionized by new technology that allows faster, cheaper transactions that are secure, anonymous, and don’t depend on today’s problematic global banking system. ​Enormous wealth will be created, but until now, most non-experts have lost more than they have gained from crypto-related investments, because they are risky.

Institutional investors such as hedge funds and high net-worth individuals have access to quant trading strategies for controlling risk and generating returns without betting on or becoming an expert in a specific cryptocurrency. Ordinary people, on the other hand, have not had that privileged access.

We open up these strategies to the masses.

SQRT incorporation
April 2023
Prop trading
since April 2021
Closed-beta I: "Project StraBerry"
StraBerry Investment Letters
May-Sept 2023
Open-beta II: "Ambassador Program"
Dec 2023-

Providing hedge-fund-like experience with the simplicity of a robo-advisor

Here's more about our trading strategies and a glimpse of our key deliverables moving forward
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Human expertise + AI

SQRT's quant team consists of experienced industry professionals, including alpha researchers and AI/ML engineers with backgrounds in traditional equity-market trading. We merge expert human analysis with the latest in AI/ML to industrialize the production of quant trading strategies that are rooted in sophisticated, data-driven mathematical models. Our founding team has built a unique AI/ML pipeline, which allows us to pursue different strategies for finding alpha faster with enhanced efficiency.

Personalized customization

We offer simple, fun, and affordable user experience: Users can easily sign in and access their investor profiles to discover the optimal combination of strategies. For example, users can input their risk-return preferences, portfolio constraints, and existing portfolios across various asset classes to receive a personalized selection of strategies crafted by SQRT.

Affordable & educational

We provide educational and entertaining access to our customized strategies. To that end, we'll soon be introducing a unique feature that allows users to familiarize themselves with active trading in a fun, gamified manner. Imagine a user profile page where each user can build one's investor profile (or MBTI), observe SQRT's prop trading, participate in forum discussions, and engage in virtual trading before committing funds.

Fun & Hands-on!

We also provide a playground where users can experiment with our AI/ML ensemble toolkits to create their own strategies using our alpha models. As an added thrill, users can enter their strategies into multiple-themed animated races for a chance to win rewards, including cash prizes, product discounts, and reputation scores. It's a dynamic and interactive way for users to not only learn the ropes but also earn additional incentives for being part of the SQRT community.